About me

In 2000, in search of healing and adventure I found myself drawn to a less complicated life.  I began to explore yoga, meditation, whole, unprocessed foods and non-toxic things in general.   I read, experimented with, and joyfully studied all of the above.  In 2007 I completed my first 40 hour yoga training and started teaching yoga to friends.  I continued on to teach friends, family and at the local YMCA.  As well, I continued to study with mostly Iyengar teachers (although any style of yoga seems interesting to me) and read over and over Erich Schiffman’s book Moving Into Stillness.  Then in 2011 I became a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours from Yoga of Energy Flow in Boston, MA.  Along the way, I developed a personal yoga practice and Buddhist meditation practice.  Today, in Rochester, NY, I have a dedicated- and much used, yoga room in my home and I’ve gone on to study Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Pranayama.  I currently study yoga with teachers of Iyengar decent and I meditate at the Rochester Zen Center.  I hope to maintain a life long, joyful curiosity of yoga, meditation and all things non-toxic. 



I believe yoga is a metaphor for life.  Vinayasa Krama - the right step at the right time, in the right place.  In yoga it’s important to focus on taking the right steps, at the right time, in the right place to correctly align oneself in each pose and reap its maximum benefits.  Yoga helps us to concentrate the mind in order to take the right steps, at the right time, in the right place.  Combining correct alignment with the steady flow of breath allows us to feel the yoga asanas, or poses, throughout the body, mind and spirit.  With this steady attention to breath and movement yoga serves as a practice for patience and concentration so that one can walk through life with kindness and care.