Private Yoga

Begin your practice, deepen your practice or connect with friends and family over yoga.  Private yoga is an affordable way to begin and maintain a yoga practice.  Each session will be customized to meet your level and areas that need attention.  Invite friends or family and it becomes a way to get personal attention while connecting with others in a meaningful, sometimes humorous, way.  These yoga sessions can either be held at your home or at my private studio. 

-six session course: $300
-individual sessions: $60/60 minutes
-1 FREE trial session

High School Yoga

Elizabeth provides on-site yoga classes for high school athletes.  Offering yoga to high school athletes, at school, has many benefits.   Practices can be customized and schedules can be set to meet the needs of the coaches, teams and athletes.

Yoga for athletes serves to:

  • Increase concentration and focus the mind
  • Prevent injury through strengthening and flexibility exercises
  • Improve communication, listening and interpersonal relationship skills so important to team work
  • Develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, lung capacity and endurance
  • Correct posture and alignment

A six session course will cost each participant $45, with a minimum of 15 students, mats will be provided.   Other payments and session schedules can be created to meet the needs of the team and individuals.

Group Homes

Elizabeth provides on-site yoga for group homes in the Rochester area.  Bringing mindfulness, to homes through physical postures, yogic breathing, meditation and other mindful practices.  Classes are custom designed to accommodate each individual's abilities and needs.  She has experience with both wheelchair and ambulatory students, working with a wide range of cognitive and behavioral abilities.  As well as on-site yoga she has a studio in her home for those with specialized needs.